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FRIDAY                    9:30 - 5.00pm

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SUNDAY                 11.00 - 4.00pm

BANK HOLIDAYS  11:00 - 4.00pm

TEL: 01942 680 000

Setting up a tropical tank

Once you’ve set up your aquarium and added your gravel, ornaments and decor; fill your tank with cold water and treat with dechlorinator. You will need to allow your temperature to stabilise at a safe level for the fish you intend to keep. If it’s a community tank then the temperature of 25 degrees Celsius or 77 degrees Fahrenheit is perfect... Click here to read more.

P.H Explained 

Tropical and coldwater fish require different levels of pH depending on the species. Quite a few of the fish we have on sale are in a pH of 7.0 [neutral]. Some are better suited to a pH of 6.5 [slightly acid] and some prefer a pH of 7.5 [alkaline] this will be higher or lower depending on the species so please do research or ask us before buying.


Once a tank has gone through the initial maturing process it is normal for the pH of the water to fall, many things can cause this to, for example the adding of bogwood, over stocking or over feeding a tank can cause the water to go more acidic more quickly... Click here to read more.

Nitrogen Cycle

The nitrogen cycle is the natural process that occurs in your tank to transform the harmful chemicals produced by the fish waste into less harmful chemicals. Out of all the cycles in your tank it is one of the most important to understand and any serious fish keeper should realise the impact it has on your aquarium. The Nitrogen Cycle involves three main chemicals; ammonia, nitrite and nitrate... Click here to read more.

If you’ve always wanted a fish tank, but not sure of your artistic capabilities, speak to us for a quote for delivering, installing and decorating your tank for you. Although setting up a tank is easy, and there aren’t any rules for how you decorate your tank, after all, it is your tank; if you feel as though you’d like some help in this area then speak to us. If you want to see any examples of the tanks we’ve installed, you can find them on our Facebook page. And the people at the BBC seemed happy with the tank we installed for DIYSOS. So feel free to call in for a no obligation quote.​

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Setting up and care for your fish tank
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