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  • Top quality fish
  • Imported from all over the world
  • Many usual varieties
  • Quarantined for 5 days minimum
  • Oxygen packed when necessary
  • New stock every week

Here at Amazon Aquatics in Lancashire, we pride ourselves on the quality and variety of our tropical fish. Weekly imports from over twenty different shippers across the globe allow us to ensure wide choices of high quality fish are always available in our tanks.

We also order the larger sizes of fish when possible so the customer is purchasing bigger, healthy fish therefore making their job of fish keeping easier by not having to fatten up skinny under-weight fish.

All fish are quarantined for a minimum of 5 days before sale and treated as a matter of course to reduce the chance of any diseases breaking out.

We feed our fish on a wide variety of foods from flakes, pellets, tablets, live and frozen foods. A long time is spent on feeding at Amazon Aquatics. It’s a fine line between over feeding the fish and causing problems, and making sure all the fish have had their fill; so a couple of hours is spent every day feeding them properly and creating strong and healthy fish.

We stock lots of regular community fish but we also try to ensure that we have lots of unusual varieties too. Any type of fish you are trying to find, please let us know and we can try and get them to order.