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Amazon Aquatic Wholesale Ltd. was set up in 2005 by Mark & Maggi Edmonsdson after being in the aquatics trade for many years owning a retail outlet. We decided to set up a wholesale only company and sell the shop just to concentrate on importing and trade.

After 3 years of being just a wholesaler we missed the retail side of things and decided to re-open the doors once again to the public.


01942 680 000
FAX: 01942 673859


With over 2000 square feet of premises we are able to import fish from over 20 different countries to ensure veriety and quality. We sell many different species of tropical, marine and col water fish, including discus, stingrays, L Nos, oddballs and fancy goldfish. We have 174 tropical, marine & cold water tanks increasing our stock as often as possible.

  • Dry good including foods, medicines & electrical goods.
  • Large selection of plants, rocks, bogwwods and others decorations.
  • Aquariums, cabinets & starter kits.
  • Live & frozen foods.
  • Corals, inverts and live rock including African cichlid section.

We're ever expanding our product range in order to supply absolutely everything you would require in the aquatics world and our shop has allowed us to increase and supply the public with a great range of products.

Come visit us in store, we look forward to your visit.